mysql 已经集成了慢查询日志分析功能

mysqldumpslow -h
Parse and summarize the MySQL slow query log. Options are

  --verbose    verbose
  --debug      debug
  --help       write this text to standard output

  -v           verbose
  -d           debug
  -s ORDER     what to sort by (al, at, ar, c, l, r, t), 'at' is default
                al: average lock time
                ar: average rows sent
                at: average query time
                 c: count
                 l: lock time
                 r: rows sent
                 t: query time  
  -r           reverse the sort order (largest last instead of first)
  -t NUM       just show the top n queries
  -a           don't abstract all numbers to N and strings to 'S'
  -n NUM       abstract numbers with at least n digits within names
  -g PATTERN   grep: only consider stmts that include this string
  -h HOSTNAME  hostname of db server for *-slow.log filename (can be wildcard),
               default is '*', i.e. match all
  -i NAME      name of server instance (if using mysql.server startup script)
  -l           don't subtract lock time from total time
mysqldumpslow -a -s r -t 5 /var/log/mysql/mysql-slow.log